Middle and High School Students

Navigating Middle School and Highschool can be extremely challenging, confusing, fun and exciting. Life in these years can truly be a rollercoaster. Which is why at NW Youth Culture we don’t believe in doing life alone. Whether you are a veteran Jesus follower or never even heard about Jesus you are welcome! Come meet new people, in the same walk of life, connect with leaders that want to cheer you on in your journey, have some fun and gain some friends. 

Wednesday Service

We meet at our North Campus from 6-8PM on Wednesday evenings (unless party night) our service typically looks like 15-30 minutes of hang out time in our lounge. Play ping-pong, video games, bored games, eat some snacks or talk with friends while some great music plays. After, we come together for announcements, and a group activity. Then we move into worship, message and a time of prayer and response. 

Party Nights 

Our party nights meet at our West campus from 6-8PM on the last Wednesday of every month. Our party nights usually have a theme, prize giveaways, special food, and extra Fun! Also a great night to invite friends!